Social Impact Programs

Tasman Rope Access is a proud owned and operated Australian company that takes great pride in being able to provide employment opportunities in varying industry sectors within the rope access industry.

In early 2017, Tasman Rope Access launched an internal ‘Social Impact Program’. The program, developed by the staff of Tasman Rope Access, is aimed to create opportunities within the company that has stemmed from the personal beliefs and causes of our staff.

Aboriginal, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Tasman Rope Access has engaged several community organisations under the internal ‘Reconciliation Action Plan’. The company partners with leading organisations who aim to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

We provide work experience/internship opportunities and apprenticeship and provide rope access career pathways. The initiatives aim in providing long-term, sustainable careers for the participants in providing self-independent financial stability through professional training and education.

Female Participation

Tasman Rope Access is actively involved in gender equality and female participation within the male-dominated trade and mining industries. Opportunities are provided through Tasman Rope Access for work experience, internships and apprenticeships within the company offered through the Women in Mining Western Australia (WIMWA).

Australian Defence Force Veterans

Tasman Rope Access proudly assists ex-defence force personnel in transitioning into ‘civvie street’ with the provision of employment and apprenticeship opportunities through engagement of military-specific employment placement providers.

Tasman is proud to provide engagement openings to individuals who have provided service to our country. In addition, the skillsets obtained whilst in the military provides additional assurance to our client base that occupational health and safety, risk management and compliance with process and procedures are always maintained to the highest standards.

LGBTI Community

Tasman Rope Access continues to provide employment pathways and non-discriminatory employment practices for employees and potential candidates that identify as members of the LBGTI community.

Persons with Disabilities

Tasman Rope Access is a fully accredited trades service provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Under the accreditation, Tasman Rope Access provides installation, maintenance and upgrades of housing and equipment for the residences that cater for a person with a disability.

Work Experience Opportunities

Tasman Rope Access offers internship opportunities to a range of service providers and education organisations. Work experience programs, such as those offered through ‘Instep’ and ‘JobSeek’, engage Tasman Rope Access to provide real-world working environment experience; assisting the candidates in their personal growth and development within their chose career paths.

In addition, Tasman Rope Access provides post-graduate students from varying universities to apply their learnings within a corporate environment. Master’s students within Business Administration, Work Health and Safety and Human Resource Management provide on-going analysis and continual review of the integrated management systems.

Environmental Impact

To reduce our carbon footprint, Tasman Rope Access has installed 132 solar panels onto the roof of the head office building. Electricity bills reduced on average by 68% in electricity consumption and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative has resulted in an average monthly reduction of 3,837 kilograms of emissions, or equivalent to:

1. the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated from driving 15,295kms in a standard sedan vehicle;
2. 4.5 acres of forest required to be planted to offset the Co2; or
3. 1,635 litres of fuel.

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