Tasman Rope Access has wide ranging experiencing in providing maintenance and installation services across the marine sector within jetties, wharfs and ships. Tasman Rope Access can perform:

  • Commission of the slip hook systems;
  • Fault finding and repair (i.e. loose conduit, broken hinges etc.);
  • Hook release systems, winches & lighting;
  • Inspection and replacement of clamps and securing of grid mesh;
  • Inspection, replacement and tightening of structural components;
  • Installation of new studs on dolphin fenders;
  • Navigational lighting faults and repairs; and
  • Removal of chains and components, rigging and removal of the dolphin cone, repair works and the installation of replacement cones;
  • Removal, repair and replacement of the dolphin cones;
  • Replacement and tightening of fender chains, lugs and tensioners;
  • Replacement of rubber fender brows;
  • Replacement of snapped fender chains, slides, pads and mounting hardware;
  • Weld repairs and replacement of damaged support structures; and
  • Welding, fabrication and repairs to existing studs on dolphin fenders.

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